Hypnautic has been sailing the waters of the Caribbean for over 8 years. And, we’ve been doing a great job since the very beginning! Here’s a whole list of accolades from our guests.




Blewett charter

MAY 19th, 2018


Departing today - Such a shame to be going home to England. We will miss the fantastic food - Lindsey is the best chef we have ever had! Magnus needs to watch his waist after they are married! We have been to the BVI seven times before, but Magnus continually found fantastic snorkeling spots that we did not know existed! Lovely couple and great boat! We will miss them.

Pete & Pam




PARSONS charter

MAY 9th, 2018


So how does this go? Great sights... great food... great people... great trip?

Seems the consensus but also seems a bit cookie cutter. How do we make memories for you that last when you have given us memories that will never fade? What is it that differentiates us from all the others you have broke bread with and laughed with and laughed at? Maybe a hitch hike across Gorda for the best nuts. Yeah... the nut. That will be it. Or maybe the jump in the dingy to save the two dingbats trying to swim to the boat. (Which I am sure you have only seen 13 other times) Lindsey... Magnus... you allowed us to share your space, your home, your lives together for a short time and want you to know that this... you... will never be forgotten. Shooing us from the kitchen or biting your tongue when you knew you had to throw a couple games games of "Kubb" is what makes you incredible hosts. Taking a swim with us, a drink with us, letting us down your hair with us is what makes you incredible people. Educating us on all the lives, lifestyles and the tribulations of the people here in the BVI after the storms will leave a lasting impact. We, the six of us, are not cut out to lead the lives you live but you must believe as I tell you that each of us respects, and in so many ways, envies your path. Good luck with your crossing, the new boat, the wedding and your future sails. May your seas always be smooth and the wind always be at your back.

Francois, Nic, Jenn, Dean, Laura and Kit




Hamby charter

April 22ND, 2018


Lindsey + Magnus

Our first sail on the Hypnautic was a week we won't forget. Your passion for the sea, nature and adventure have inspired us to explore more of the world. Your life stories are fascinating and we loved getting to know you on a personal level. Thank you for every "attention to detail" and making us feel special. Lindsey - your creativity in the kitchen made for delicious meals - we enjoyed every single one! Magnus - you make sailing look easy! We learned so much this week - but mostly our minds have been opened to a whole new world. It is so obvious you both belong together. We wish you the best in love and happiness in the years to come. Success will always be yours. We look forward to our paths crossing again.

Much love, Malinda + Hamby




szep charter

April 14th, 2018


We were "Szeped away" by Lindsey and Magnus who assured every detail of our trip was perfect! The itinerary they planned made us feel like they have known us for years. They graciously and happily shared their sailing and BVI knowledge with us. Magnus' adventures and Lindseys meals will not be forgotten. We came onboard the lovely Hypnautic with six family members and feel we are leaving as eight!

Thank you for making our first trop to the BVI fabulous!

- Michael & Chriss Ann, Brian & Julie, Kelly & Paul




Mcintosh charter

March 31st, 2018


Lindsey and Magnus,

Watching the two of you working your magic on Hypnautic reminds me of the song "Two worlds collided... and nothing will ever be the same." It is so special to watch your two work together as one. Thanks for sharing your life with us. We love you.

- Kitty


Our third trip on the Hypnautic - it gets better every time. The second time sailing with Lindsey and Magnus made the trop even more special. This has been more like a family get together than a vacation. We look forward to future trips with you. We love you!

- Paul


What another fabulous 7 days of getting out on the Hypnautic!! You two are simply the best and we love you like family! Looking forward to seeing you in NC in October! Viva Magnus, Lindsey, Hypnautic and Chifundo!! :)

- Paula


Our first trip on Hypnautic and what a wonderful trip! Great food, weather and friendship. All will be missed except from the memories!

- Geoff and Gwen




Kirman Charter

March 16th, 2018


Magnus and Lindsey,

Words cannot begin to describe the fabulous week we just experienced on the Hypnautic. The itinerary you designed allowed us to experience many different islands in the BVI, each with their own unique qualities. We loved the hiking and the snorkelling and the adventure and beauty of The Baths. We also enjoyed the convenience and experience of rendezvous diving. While we were aware of the hurricanes from our home in the Pacific Northwest, nothing really prepared us for the devastation that actually occurred. It was tragic to see all of the destruction but so heartwarming to appreciate the resiliency of the people, many of whom still have no power, but are helping each other rebuild their lives and their livelihoods.

No part of this amazing trip could have occurred without the two of you. Magnus, you are an extremely capable and knowledgeable captain with experience beyond your years. Lindsey, you too, are a capable first mate as well as an incredible chef. Every meal was thoughtfully designed and prepared and every meal was a plate picture! We loved your stories and were especially impressed with your breadth of knowledge about so many things. It takes a very special couple to be able to work together day after day. It is so obvious that you both have that special quality. We wish you eternal love and happiness and hope all of your dreams come true. We look forward to following your adventures and hope we meet again. 




Gebhard & wilkins charter

July 22nd - 29th, 2017


Magnus & Lindsey,

The anticipation of this trip did NOT prepare us for the reality of what became the BEST vacation of our lives! You made the entire week so very special... from the elegant and delicious meals, to the itinerary that took us to beautiful hidden gems in the islands, to the lessons about island culture, sea life, etc... Its all been more than we hoped for! The teamwork we witnessed as you effortlessly manoeuvred Hypnautic around the islands was very inspiring. Your timing was impeccable...

"Cue the rainbow..."

"Cue the sea turtle..."

"Cue the dolphin..."

Ahh - mayyy - zing!!  Thank you both for this wonder-filled week! We will miss you, and cannot wait to follow your next adventure. Best wishes for a lifetime of smooth sailing!!

Carmen & Jeff, Glenn and Gayle




Brier charter

July 15th - 19th, 2017


Magnus & Lindsey,

We cant tell you how much we enjoyed our time on the Hypnautic with you both. After a week with our family on St Thomas, it was the perfect way to end our trip in the VI. It was Helens first trip on a charter boat and you both made her feel so at ease and confident. Your knowledge of sailing and the islands made our journey with you so much more enjoyable! The snorkelling spots were spectacular!! Getting up early and heading to the Baths before any other visitors was a special treat and we can thank both of you for doing this for us. Lindsey is an excellent cook and we always enjoyed waiting to see what the next meal would be. Now its time to go home and diet!! Magnus was a great guide and we loved hearing about the stories of Norway and other parts of the world. Thank you for sharing the story of how you two met in the southern Caribbean. Your future plans together as a couple sounds so exciting and Helen and I wish you the best of luck. We hope to cross paths again in an exotic part port somewhere in the world. Keep following your dreams as you sail off into the sunset!

Dana and Helen





poff charter

June 17th - 24th, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey,

WOW! We can sum up our week with one word... WOW! Wow covers everything - the sights, the fun, the food and you! This was the trip of a lifetime and we shared it with new friends for a lifetime. You have big things ahead, don't stop chasing those dreams! Thank you for inspiring us to do the same. We are definitely leaving as friends.

Love, Keith and Jodi & the girls :) <3


Magnus and Lindsey,

Thank you both for helping making this trip the best one yet! You guys are such amazing people and both share so much love for being on the water. This trip was an adventure of a lifetime! Thank you Lindsey for the amazing food and thank you Magnus for taking us to all the cool snorkeling spots! Im so thankful that we had the opportunity to become friends with you guys. Stay in touch!

Lily <3


Magnus and Lindsey,

Thank you for making this trip unforgettable, you guys are truly both amazing people. Lindsey, your food is sooooo good OMG I would die to eat it every day, and you are gorgeous and so so nice and funny, you also have some moves on the dance floor! Magnus, you are hilarious and thank you for coming with us to snorkel and to see these breathtaking places. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat, it has changed my perspective on alot of things. I hope all your dreams come true and I wish you the best of luck.

Mollie <3


Magnus and Lindsey,

This trip was amazing and it's all because of you guys! Everything about this place is perfect and I'm so happy you both got to show us around. The food was absolutely amazing and cant forget the amazing napkins Magnus would make! I hope someday I can be just like the two of you, sailing all around making so many memories. I'm so sad leaving you guys but we will hopefully see you later! 

Caroline <3



Knight charter

June 5th - 11th, 2017




Magnus and Lindsey,

We ran out of superlatives to describe the food, the snorkeling, the spots you took us to, the fun and the stories -- time shared is precious -- You gave us a special gift. Thank you for everything!



Magnus and Lindsey,

Thank you for being such wonderful hosts! The places you shared with us were amazing. The food was over the top and our waistlines are paying the price! :) Best of luck getting your own boat and sailing the world. Stay true to your dreams!

Heather + Sue


Magnus and Lindsey

How does one put into words all the beauty you shared with us this week. Beautiful places, beautiful meals, beautiful sailing with two beautiful crew members in heart and soul. Thank you for the most incredible week we've ever experienced. Wishing you both good things and happy life together. We hope to see you again on another trip. Thank you!!!

Cheryl and Susan 




Blair Charter

April 22th - 27th, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey,

Thank you both from the bottoms of our hearts for such an amazing trip. It truly was an adventure of a lifetime. You both made the trip for us. Your willingness to take the lead and show us all of stunning beaches, snorkeling spots and getting so much in during our 5 days with Hypnautic. Thank you both for being real and genuine and sharing with us. This was exactly what we needed and you both for exceeded any & all expectations. Thats not easy to do us. The food was so delicious and it amazes me that Lindsey can pull off the dishes served in such a small galley! Anegada - WOW! What a surprise and definitely the highlight of the trip for us. Magnus - Thank you for being bigger than life. Thank you for sharing your adventures and photography and music with us. We felt like we got to do and see everything we set out for and so so much more. Leanne needed time to reflect and let go of some spiritual baggage and she was able to do that. This trip will never be forgotten and the two of you together really made this a trip of a lifetime, and while the islands have their own unique magic, it is you both that are able to touch so many lives and that makes the last five days so unforgettable. It is evident that in the pages in this book that the impact that you both have on so many peoples adventures and lives is unmeasurable. We loved every moment of our time with you and it will be with heavy hearts that we will say "see you later" today. We will look forward to our paths crossing again.

Much love, Henry & Leanne



Laubach Charter

April 6th - 13th, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey,

Thank you! This has been an amazing week. Your hospitality and service has been the best. My family enjoyed every part of it. The different islands, the incredible food and the good stories. Nothing compares to a vacation like this. Thank you for laughing and playing with my boys. Kole has a new super hero... Magnus! Katy and I hope you have an amazing marriage where you both can love each other and continue to pursue your passions. Thank you again and I hope we sail again with you soon!

Ryan, Katy, Reese and Kole

Magnus and Lindsey, I have had an awesome time. Cant wait to see you guys again.  - Kole

Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I cant wait to do another charter with you guys!  - Reese




MacIntosh Charter

April 20th - 29th, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey,

We said we would be back when we traveled the Hypnautic in 2012 and here we are. Things only get better with time and this is no exception. We´ve done the BVIs and USVIs but the best thing about this trip was the addition of you two. You both exude "spirit", "love", "youth", "hope" and "happiness" which is catching by everyone. Trips are trips and vacations are vacations but the two of you made this a lifelong experience and we love you for that. God bless you and help you in your dreams. I know you will be a success in whatever you do. Now you are part of our family.

Paul and Paula




Hall and Parker Charter

April 8th - 15th, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey,

Bill and I always say that living in Ohio is a good thing because anywhere we travel looks wonderful in comparison. But WOW - this trip with you two in charge and our dear friends Jim and Laura by our side created memory after memory - each island has its own vibe, and they were all breathtaking. I consumed more rum this week than in my entire life - so many tasty and fruity drinks! Willy T´s was a blast! So glad Bill was able to show his backflip abilities. The highlight may have been our own VIP treatment at The Baths - to have all that beauty to ourselves, words cannot begin to describe! Lindsey, every meal you made was incredible, and thats an understatement. The Parker motto is “Food is Love” and you are amazingly talented! The presentation and the taste, was fabulous. You have spoiled med for restaurant fare!!!

Thanks mostly, for making us feel so welcome this week. We learned a lot and had tons of laughs along the way. Bill and I wish you the very best for your lives together and hope our paths will cross again someday.

Bill and Betsy Parker



Magnus and Lindsey,

This trips a year and a half in the planning. We had done a similar trip to St. Lucia and surrounding islands and wanted to do it again in the British Virgin Islands. We had an idea of what to expect but you knocked our expectations out of the park! We are so thrilled we got to share it with our best friends, Bill and Betsy. We just knew they would love it as well. From the moment permission was granted to come onboard we were greeted with such friendliness and hospitality. The itinerary was spectacular and it was like you read our minds as to exact experience we wanted. We did so much in a week. It was so fun on the first stop at Pizza Pi in Christmas Cove. The pizza was as good or even better than a lot of east coast pizza that I love. Then on to Maho Bay in St. John for some snorkelling. We then moved to Sopers Hole in Tortola. Then to Norman Island to snorkel The Caves and The Indians. Loved visiting Willy T´s to watch Bill do a backflip off the boat! Enjoyed visiting the Peter Island Spa and also Cooper Island as well. The highlight was our trip to The Baths. It was so wonderful that you got us there so early we had it to ourselves - Priceless!!! Then off to more adventures in Leverick Bay, Saba Rock and Bitter End Yacht Club. Then on to Anegada (I can finally say it right) which was so beautiful it made me cry. The water was the most beautiful and calm I have ever experienced. It was a magical day. The lobster at Potters By The Sea was the best I ever had! Then our last stop in Jost Van Dyke which is such a fun island. Sandy Spit was beautiful and we enjoyed snorkelling there. We alsjo enjoyed walking the island and end up at Foxy´s before our last night on the boat. This has been the best trip of our lives and one we will never forget. The food that Lindsey prepared at every meal was phenomenal and hard to believe it came out of that small kitchen. It was some of the best food of my life! The food was not only tasty but beautiful as well. So much fish served which we absolutely are grateful for. Lindsey, you should definitely write a book with all your recipes. It the meals weren’t enough then you topped off our day with delicious dessert! The drinks were delicious as well. Our every want and need were met before we even knew what we wanted or needed. When we started the trip you were Captain and Chef but we ended the trip as friends! I cant wait to watch your adventures in Facebook and Instagram. We wish you both the most happiness in your lives together and on all your adventures.

Love Laura and Jim Hall


Heavenly time

You Exceded Expectations

Positively beauty

Nothing could compare

Awesome food

Unique experiences

Tasty desserts

Idyllic settings

Charming couple




Nance Charter

April 1st - April 7th, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey,

Words cannot begin to describe this vacation! Having never been on charter before we ad no idea what to expect. All I know is that whatever I though this trip would involve was undoubtably exceeded. From the unbelievablemeals to the music to the sailing education, this trip was amazing! More than anything, we enjoyed you two! You made this trip for us. We hope to stay in touch and we WILL see you again!

Lawrence and Jess


Magnus and Lindsey,

We are about to eat our last breakfast in paradise. Im not sure how to adequately describe our time here. We could list the islands we visited or our excursions. We could go into great detail about our experiences or the meals. Any one of these would have provided for a nice trip. Put all of these together and it quickly becomes a great trip! But all of these things, as awesome as they were, were only a piece of the overall experience, the two of you made this trip something indescribable! You immediately put us all at ease and let us into your world with your expertise and love for the sea. We will miss you guys and our new friendship more than any of our experiences. Our paths will cross again whether in Charlotte or on the high seas. See you soon!

Jay and Katy


Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. We are so happy to be waking up on Hypnautic with our old friends and you two, our new friends. We have talked a lot over the last few days about experiences on this trip, and while it sounds cliché, it truly isdifficult to put it into words. The truth is we are fairly easy people to please, and the geography and natural beauty of the USVIs and BVIs are so overwhelming that you really could have done so much less and our trip would have still been fantastic. But I don’t think you even know how to do “less”. Our experience on this trip has all been completely positive and we have no complaints. If I had to describe our time here with you guys in one word it would be “special”. Magnus and Lindsey, you are both special people and your love for each other and the sailing life are obvious in everything you do and it spreads through to our guests. Every minute of every day has been spectacular and we can never thank you enough. We wish you all the best in the future and truly hope our paths cross again. Thank you so so so very much! 

Marcus and Stephanie



De Veaux Charter
March 19th - march 26th, 2017


Lindsey and Magnus,

Thank you for making our vacation one we will never forget. Right from the beginning you two exceeded our expectations. Lindsey, your willingness to work with our food preferences was remarkable and highly appreciated. Each meal surpassed the last. As you saw, we never left a crumb on a single plate. Sylvia really appreciated you making our beds every morning and keeping everything in ship shape! Magnus, even though you told us that every stop was your favourite snorkel place it turned out that each one turned out to be better than the last. The final sunset at Waterlemon Cay was the one to beat all sunsets. Thank you for pushing us out the door to the next adventure.

We wish you success in your dream of travelling around the world in your own boat. We want to hear about all the adventures. Let us know when you are near New York. Much love, Dick. 

Thanks so much for an awesome week - Nick

We couldnt have wished for a more perfect couple - Sylvia

You guys are the best!! Thank you for everything! - Scyrine

Hoping you will be singing the hand pan melody far after we leave! - Love Lexi



The Boekenkamps
March 11th - march 18TH, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey,

Its hard to start writing this because we´ve all experienced so much this week, and we have both of you to thank for such an amazing trip! This was by far the best vacation ever with friends! Speaking of friends, we made new friendships this week - our fearless Viking Captain, Magnus, and out beautiful and classy Chef, Lindsey, who has many talents hidden in her pockets with an amazing life story. Lindsey, you are the perfect example that you are what you make of your life. Magnus - I could´t tell you how many times I heard “Is there anything Magnus cannot do?” We always felt safe having you as our Captain. Thank you for being so easy-going and funny! You are a true Viking, my friend! So the first night on the boat - it got real interesting quickly - some of us could not remember what happened when we woke up the next day - thankfully we were able to puzzle some things together. We still aren’t sure who fell into the dinghy… Tarzan (enough said) … Dan looking at me and saying “We better take her home”… “Can I drive the dinghy?”…”Why does Jeanettes thumb look broken?”… If you believed in astrology, it felt like the stars were lined up perfectly for us and speaking of stars, the moon. Not just any moon. A FULL MOON on the second evening. Went to the Full Moon party in Tortola which was so cool to experience. The highlight for the evening was making shadow puppets and having them sing to the Bob Marley song the band was playing… “Can I drive the dinghy?”— Some other random memories… Allison is amazing at limbo and beat Sammy… Riding scooters in Anegada… “Kim, do you really want your own scooter?” “ Yes, I like to ride toys”… “Did you pick up the goat?” “Can we take the goat home?”… “Magnus speaks to goats”…”Wait. you touched the dead turtle head!? You are going to get a disease”… “Can I drive the dinghy?”… “Divers do it deeper”… “Thats a big dinghy”… “Cadilac”… Dan walked into the door… “Three of us have already thrown up”… “Bye b***h!”… “What is stored above us?”… “Did you not listen? Theres lifejackets up there. Ten of the… “Holy s**t. That is a shark” “Actually, its a Baracuda. The largest Ive ever seen!”— Speaking of Baracuda, Allison and Derrick thought they were going to die… Double flip flop mishap while hiking. Chad wants his money back from Reef even though they are probably ten years old… There are no more jerk wings at Corsair´s— Played corn hole at The Last Resort… “Trash, Ice!”… The Indians - best snorkel spot ever— Vacation was complete when we swam with a sea turtle— Jeanette touched a poisonous eel and lived to tell— Hiking in Virgin Gorda - not even close to a 20 minute hike… They were calling for a blizzard back at home… Magnus, thank you so much for our surprise at our final evening with the paddle boards! It was the icing on the cake to our trip! Lindsey, thank you for keeping us well fed! Every meal was super delicious- You have a true culinary talent…”Can I drive the dinghy?”… “My second language is English. So if you tell a joke and I don’t laugh, its probably because I don’t get it”… “Its hibiscus!”… Every guy on the boat wants to be Magnus. Magnus and Lindsey, we wish you all the best. Thank you again for the most memorable trip. 

With love,

Dan, Jeanette, Derrick “Magnus”, Kim, Chad “The dinghy captain”, Allison.

PS. “Can I drive the dinghy?”



the toney´s and the caldwell´s
february 11th - febrUARY 18TH, 2017


Dear Lindsey and Magnus, Thank you so much for an unforgettable 7 days! From the gourmet cuisine to the amazing destinations you took us to. Thank you so much for changing our agenda and letting us sail on the open waters! The snorkeling was amazing! Makes me want to buy a salt water tank when we get back to Indiana! The two of you make such an amazing couple, know you’ll have a wonderful life and hope all your wishes come true. There is no way my pictures will ever do justice to the beautiful scenery and surroundings we have had this last week! And finally, the Hypnautic is simply magical! Our suite was perfect, everything anyone could ever want! Always cleaned and beds made and turned down for us in evenings. Always felt at home with the expertise of our crew!

Thank you again for everything! Hugs and kisses!

John, Ann, Cheryl and Jay



the rubin´s
january 13th - janUARY 18TH, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey, Thank you for the unforgettable vacation adventure you have taken us on. We wanted a special way to celebrate our milestone birthdays and we got it! The ship is beautiful and clean and you guys do an impeccable job. Our meals were delicious and with each garnish perfectly placed! Mark and I loved listening to your travel experiences in sailing. You have definitely introduced us to this new way of life that sadly so few people get to experience. The island tours and bays were spectacular! Next time we do SCUBAHHH! You guys provided excellent service! We ate more and laughed more, and swam less than we thought we would have. You really created a wonderfully relaxing vacation. You guys are kind and funny and sincere! Thank you again for the unforgettable vacation and best of luck to you!



Mark and Agnes



THE LenkerS Family
DECEMBER 29th-January 7TH, 2017


Magnus and Lindsey! Its unanimous!! Our voyage on Hypnautic was our BEST VACATION EVER!! The boat is perfectly appointed and maintained in tip top shape. From the airport to the Bitter End and back again, everything aboard, ashore, and in-between was best in class. Magnus and Lindsey were generous, compassionate and always anticipating our needs; dinghy rides to the top of the reef, coordinating rendevouz dives, exciting sailing, best anchorages, sunset cocktails and great conversation. The five star meals ✶✶✶✶✶ were gourmet delicious beyond our wildest imagination from dawn to dusk. The freshness, variety and presentation were a highlight. We even blamed a few imaginary pirates for finishing off a cinnamon cake!! Always well cared for and well fed. We arrived as the Lenkers and leave as the expanded happy family of 8. Magnus and Lindsey will remain near and dear no matter the distance. Looking forward to our next adventure on Hypnautic! All the best, The Lenker family!



THe dunn family
December 21st-28th, 2016


We have been fortunate and lucky to spend our family Christmas on Hypnautic with Lindsey and Magnus. This is the 2nd to last Christmas I will spend with my oldest son Greye before he becomes an adult and leaves for college. I will always treasure this holiday I chose VERY carefully for that reason and made the perfect choice. 11 weeks before we departed my son had an unforeseen injury that resulted in surgery. Lindsey and Magnus were still able to make this a magical Christmas, one I will hold near to my heart when the boys are grown. Wyn, being our youngest, has the enthusiasm to keep up. Lindsey and Magnus planned all our activities so that Wyn tried all sorts of new things and excelled at sports he loves. Thanks, gratitude and love are few of the sentiments I want to share and know everyone on Hypnautic will cherish forever. XOXO All my very best!




Delaney Charter
July 9th-16th, 2016

As I sit here watching a Turtle swim by, the only thing that comes to mind is ... BEST VACATION EVER!! For 14 years I´ve wanted to do this trip and planets finally aligned. Great Friends + Excellent Yacht x and Amazing crew = one heck of a good time! "Thanks" doesn't say enough. You run a tight ship and we truly appreciate the hard work you displayed ensuring we had the trip of a lifetime. "Gone are the days, we stop to decide, where we should go... or just ride"



pierce CHARTER
JULY 2nd-6th, 2016


The entire Pierce Family... Tom, Sandy, Tommy and cousin Andrew Paris want to thank the crew and the owner of HYPNAUTIC for a wonderful tour of the BVI's. We enjoyed every stop including Cooper Island, The Baths, Marina Cay, Peter Island, Norman Island and Jost Von Dyke (just to name a few). All in 4 wonderful nights. The crew was very accommodating to our preferences. The boys had such fun with boat games, boat knots and island history. The meals were incredible! 



JUne 23rD-27TH, 2016


Thank you, Hypnautic! This was truly an exceptional trip. We felt at home from the moment we stepped on the Hypnautic. Everything we did and everywhere we went was fantastic. Our 4 kids enjoyed the games and rope tricks every day. The snorkeling was exceptional. We loved the Indians, the Baths and the Caves. Thank you for the experience, the gourmet food, the history and the life lessons. We hope to stay in touch with both of you.



JUNE 15th-22nd, 2016

Nothing written can fully describe how beautiful and incredible this trip has been. The biggest downfall is it has spoiled us in regards to having any other vacation live up to this experience. The fact that the crew worked around the clock to ensure that everybody has a good time... was priceless! Safety and comfort in the water regardless of our water skills was assured at all times. The boat was immaculate! All amenities were provided and available for our use whenever we wanted. They listened to us and delivered upon our desires for what we wanted to see and experience. The scenery was amazing. Our biggest regret was that the time went too fast! We came in with high expectations and they were far exceeded. The food was amazing. The chef is the best chef ever and the captain shared a wealth of knowledge with us. Cant wait to do this again!



JUNE 10TH-14th, 2016

Thank you so much for an amazing time! Jay and I have been planning this trip in our heads for 15 years. We loved seeing the islands via charter on our honeymoon and knew that we wanted to share the experience with our children. You both far exceeded our expectations on this trip! You were so kind to the kids! They loved their knot lessons and hearing all of your stories. I am grateful for the extra effort you gave with Susie helping her feel more comfortable in the water. Your cooking was amazing! I am already under orders to repeat some of our dishes when we get home (although not sure mine will be nearly as good). Thank you for making us feel so welcome and so at home. Maybe we will see on our 20th!



Jenn and mike´s honeymoon
may 31st- June 7TH, 2016

Thank you for a perfect honeymoon aboard HYPNAUTIC! From exploring new islands (Cooper) to scooter adventures (Anegada), everything was absolutely wonderful. We really appreciate how you anticipated our needs and cooked the most amazing meals. You set the bar really high for when we return home! Thank you for your advice and guidance on this trip. You are so much more than "just a chef". We have learned so much more the last 7 days that we have the last 7 years! Thank you for making this trip both fun and educational- even though we didn´t master the "couples knot". We will definitely be back - hopefully on an annual basis! Can´t imagine sailing with anyone else - you are the best!



solis charter
MAY 13th - 19TH, 2016

Thank you so much for a wonderful charter! We´ve been wanting to do this for years and it did not disappoint. The food was great and the hospitality perfect. We felt right at home from the time we stepped aboard. What more can I say than we had a perfect vacation. Thank you for catering everything to exactly what we wanted.



taylor charter
april 17th - 21st, 2016

Life is short and precious. So too was our adventure with Hypnautic. It takes a rare personality to master the confluence of professional Captain/Mate, colorful local historian, gourmet chef, wonderful conversationalist and friend! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to your guests. The seed has been planted for many more future sunsets in the islands. At our next 10 year anniversary we´ll walk the plank at the Michael Bean´s show!



stewart family
march 25th - april 1st, 2016

Words cannot describe the memories we take away in our heart from the moment we boarded the Hypnautic. The captain and chef welcomed us with open arms. The attention to detail and wonderful service provided by the crew was better than we had ever expected. They planned our route based on our needs and wants perfectly. He was knowledgeable about every place we travelled and provided great local stories. He took time to play games with the kids every night and was a great bartender for the adults. The food was absolutely delicious. Our family looked forward to each meal. No matter what we needed the crew was there to make sure it happened. They are swimming combination for an awesome vacation.



bowman family
MARCH 14TH - 20th, 2016

Our week aboard your ship was wonderful! We now have so many great memories. The food all week was terrific and the chef was great at making food for the "picky eaters". The Captain filled us with knowledge about all the islands and knew the best places to go for our family. The crew always kept the kids busy with snorkeling, skiing and tubing but the parents had as much fun as the kids. The Margaritas were epic and every morning we awoke from our deep slumber to the smell of a delicious breakfast. According to our kids if anyone did a trip like this on any other boat with any other crew they would just be "insane"!



the "Jacksonville girls´charter
MARCH 6TH - 13th, 2016

Thank you both for a fabulous 40th Birthday celebration charter! We all had a super great time. The snorkelling was incredible and all of the different places y´all showed us were perfect. The chef always kept us fed with delicious and creative recipes. As a foodie I especially appreciated that! This was an AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, ONCE IN A LIFETIME vacation and worth every penny! You two are wonderful hosts and I will always remember the week we spent together with great fondness!



pierre and vicki
february 27TH - March 5TH, 2016

Our many thanks for an awesome vacation. Our week aboard exceeded our expectations. We felt at home from day one and appreciated the friendly atmosphere. The chefs menu was exceptional. The Capt has so much knowledge about every aspect of sailing and the islands. Everything was perfect... The weather, snorkelling, food, accommodations, conversation. You are both great representatives of the Caribbean way of life!



anderson charter
FEBRUARY 16TH - 23rD, 2016

Thank you so much for an awesome week. This has been the best trip of my life without exception. Checked another one off the bucket list. We love our trips to the mountains bit this journey has brought the pirate out in me! We couldn´t have asked for a better crew in the most beautiful place on the planet! The food was absolutely amazing! Cheers to you...until we meet again!